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Speaker of 5th IICCI Prof. Lotfi Zadeh Memorial Lecture

Professor Janusz Kacprzyk
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Fellow of IEEE, IET, IFSA, EurAI, SMIA
President, Polish Operational and Systems Research Society

Janusz Kacprzyk is Professor of Computer Science at the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, WIT – Warsaw School of Information Technology, and Chongqing Three Gorges University, Wanzhou, Chinqgqung, China, and Professor of Automatic Control at PIAP – Industrial Institute of Automation and Measurements. He is Honorary Foreign Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Yli Normal University, Xinjiang, China. He is Full Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Member of Academia Europaea, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Foreign Member of the: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Spanish Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences (RACEF), Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, and Flemish Royal Academy of Belgium of Sciences and the Arts (KVAB). He was awarded with 4 honorary doctorates. He is Fellow of IEEE, IET, IFSA, EurAI and SMIA.
His main research interests include the use of modern computation computational and artificial intelligence tools, notably fuzzy logic, in systems science, decision making, optimization, control, data analysis and data mining, with applications in mobile robotics, systems modeling, ICT etc.
He authored 7 books, (co)edited more than 100 volumes, (co)authored more than 600 papers, including ca. 80 in journals indexed by the WoS. His bibliographic data are: Google Scholar: citations: 28094; h-index: 74, Scopus: citations: citations: 8416; h-index: 40, ResearcherID (M-9574-2014): citations: 9014; h-index=42 and Web of Science: citations: 6696 (5517 without self-citations) h-index: 34.
He is the editor in chief of 7 book series at Springer, and of 2 journals, and is on the editorial boards of ca. 40 journals.. He is President of the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society and Past President of International Fuzzy Systems Association.